Blended Poems NFT

Discover & Collect Unique NFTs, Created By 7R7

What is “Blended Poems”?

Blended Poems are Magical Non-Fungible Tokenized Collectibles that are 1100 pixel x 1100 pixel generated art images.

In this collection, poems from the 13th century are blended together with unique ID’s on each NFT. Blended Poems, a collection that carries with it the whispers of history, resonating from the 13th century. These poems are more than just words; they are time capsules of human emotions, wisdom, and creativity. For over eight centuries, they have weathered the tides of time, passed through the hands of generations, and endured the test of history’s most transformative moments. These golden verses are not merely precious; they are invaluable treasures, cherished and preserved for their profound insights, cultural significance, and the emotions they evoke. Each poem in this collection bears witness to the emotions, stories, and experiences of those who penned them centuries ago. Owning one of these Blended Poems NFTs means becoming a custodian of this cultural heritage, an opportunity to connect with the past and be part of a legacy that will continue on the blockchain for as long as the blockchain itself exists.

Collection Name: Blended Poems
File Dimensions: 1100 x 1100 Pixel
File format: PNG
File size: ~200KB – ~300KB

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